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I have an xml with multiple elements and attributes ( you can see an example below ) and I want to make an SQL Table/Tables from it.

XML example:

 <prg Id="1" >
     <attrib>doesn't matter</attrib>
   <timeZone>doesn't matter</timeZone>
   <URL>doesn't matter/</URL>


I need to make a table like this

ID       |      Name
1        |      Xulescu

Thank you

Another situation

What about this ?

<schedules type="tip1">
  <schedule prgsId="15361" >
     <event Id="1234" date="2012-10-05">
     <event Id="2345" date="2012-10-05">


The result should be a table

    ID     ScheduleID      PrgsID        showId     Date     Time
   1        xxx            xxxx          1234     2012-10-05   01:00
   2        xxx            xxxx          2345     2012-10-05   01:30

ID is an autoincrement field

ScheduleID, PrgsID are FK keys

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Something like this:


SELECT @XmlFile = CAST(BulkColumn AS XML)

    ID = Prgs.value('@Id', 'int'),
    Name = Prgs.value('(name)[1]', 'varchar(50)')
    @XmlFile.nodes('/prgs/prg') AS XTbl(Prgs)

If your file contains this XML:

 <prg Id="1" >
 <prg Id="2" >

you'll get this output:

ID  Name
1   Xulescu
2   Xulescu2

Update: for your additional scenario - how about this? (assuming you already have your XML structure in a @XML variable):

INSERT INTO dbo.YourTable(ScheduleID, PrgsID, ShowId, [Date], [Time])
       Sched.value('@prgsId', 'int'),
       Sched.value('@prgsId', 'int'),
       Events.value('@Id', 'int'),
       Events.value('@date', 'date'),
       Events.value('(times/time)[1]', 'varchar(50)')
       @XML.nodes('/schedules/schedule') AS XTbl(Sched)
       Sched.nodes('event') AS XTbl2(Events)

Not sure how / which attribute you want in ScheduleId and PrgsId - I only see one PrgsId attribute on <schedule> ...

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Thank you. I understand. I'll be back if I need more help . – Kosmo Nov 27 '12 at 12:33
@user1607079: updated my response, showing how to load an external XML file first. This file must be on the SQL Server machine's harddrive. If that SQL Server machine is not your local PC, that SQL Server machine cannot read your own local harddisk - the file must be on the server machine in that defined directory – marc_s Nov 27 '12 at 12:35
But, what about if I have like this: @input.nodes('/schedules') AS XTbl(Schdl) and I want to extract Tip = Schdl.value('@type', 'varchar(MAX)') . Foreach 'tip' I have Name and Id defined above ( your answer - I extract them from here @input.nodes('/schedules/schedule/lala') AS XTbl(Prgs)) – Kosmo Nov 27 '12 at 12:54
@user1607079: please do not put code samples or sample data into comments - since you cannot format it, it's extremely hard to read it.... Instead: either update your question by editing it to provide that additional information - or ask a whole new question! Thank you. – marc_s Nov 27 '12 at 12:55
Thank you.That is what I was searching for ( that cross apply command ). Yes, I already have XML-s – Kosmo Nov 27 '12 at 14:09

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