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using (MemoryStream generatedDocument = new MemoryStream())
   using (WordprocessingDocument package = WordprocessingDocument.Create(generatedDocument, WordprocessingDocumentType.Document))
      MainDocumentPart mainPart = package.MainDocumentPart;

      if (mainPart == null)
         mainPart = package.AddMainDocumentPart();
         new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing.Document(new DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing.Body()).Save(mainPart);

      HtmlConverter converter = new HtmlConverter(mainPart);
      DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing.Body body = mainPart.Document.Body;

      var paragraphs = converter.Parse(docbody);

      for (int y = 0; y < paragraphs.Count; y++)


This in the snippet of my code which is used to generate my word document, the document is generated in portrait orientation mode i want the page to be in landscape mode . So can you please suggest me where to use the above code which u have given.

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You have to add SectionProperties to the Body. In section properties you need to PageSize and set the orientation property of it to Landscape.

SectionProperties sectionProperties = new SectionProperties();

PageSize pageSize = new PageSize()


Width = (UInt32Value)15840U,

Height = (UInt32Value)12240U,

Orient = PageOrientationValues.Landscape


PageMargin pageMargin = new PageMargin()


Top = 1440,

Right = (UInt32Value)1440U,

Bottom = 1440,

Left = (UInt32Value)1440U,

Header = (UInt32Value)720U,

Footer = (UInt32Value)720U,

Gutter = (UInt32Value)0U


Columns columns = new Columns() { Space = "720" };

DocGrid docGrid = new DocGrid() { LinePitch = 360 };

sectionProperties.Append(pageSize, pageMargin, columns, docGrid);

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