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I'm trying to use the best_in_place gem with type => date , but I'm having some problems with the format. My rails date format is as follows:

Time::DATE_FORMATS.merge!({:default => '%d %b (%a)'})
Date::DATE_FORMATS.merge!({:default => '%d %b (%a)'})

And in my view I have:

<%= best_in_place @group, :appearance_time ,:type => :date %>

Now when the page is loaded the first time, the date is in the rails format, however when I change it with jquery, it goes back to the format "dd/mm/yy" .. I tried changing the format like this:

jQuery ->
   $.extend($.fn.datepicker.defaults, { format: 'dd M D' });

But it doesn't change anything.. How can I set the jquery date format?

Thank you,

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Ok I figured it out in case anyone else has the same problem.


jQuery ->
  $.datepicker.setDefaults({ dateFormat: 'dd M (D)' });

It needs to be called before your code.

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