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I'm going to have many possible customizations of the same product, which are chosen in an iphone app. This data then needs to go to a online database when a send button is clicked, for it to be used in a web application where the person can see what product has been sent in by accessing the web app on a website.

Could anyone give me an insight into what services I'm going to need running on the server to pick up this message from the iphone? What format is best to send the message in from the iphone? Should I have a local db on the iphone to store the different customizations, then send these to another db on a server? What os should I use for the server? I take it that once the information is in the dp, I could use an web application to access the information and display it?

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In .NET, you can use WCF service for the same. And, also it's good if you manage local db and json structure is good while you syncing your data to server.

This task basically meant for back-end developer means for .NET developer how s/he provide you the services and since you already used services, so in the same manner you have to call the procedure and pass/transfer all of your json data as an argument(which is structured(url) by .NET end) and with suitable GET/POST mechanism.

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