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I searched for the list of date formats supported by Rich:Calender in google. FMDAY,DD MONTH YYYY and DD MON YYYY date formats when selected are not working as expected in Rich:Calender. Can someone help to find the equivalent date formats for FMDAY,DD MONTH YYYY and DD MON YYYY date formats for Rich:Calender or any source from where i can get the list of supported date format

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It are just standard Java SimpleDateFormat patterns. You can find a table in its javadoc:

Letter  Date or Time Component  Presentation        Examples
------  ----------------------  ------------------  -----------------------------
G       Era designator          Text                AD
y       Year                    Year                1996; 96
M       Month in year           Month               July; Jul; 07
w       Week in year            Number              27
W       Week in month           Number              2
D       Day in year             Number              189
d       Day in month            Number              10
F       Day of week in month    Number              2
E       Day in week             Text                Tuesday; Tue
a       Am/pm marker            Text                PM
H       Hour in day (0-23)      Number              0
k       Hour in day (1-24)      Number              24
K       Hour in am/pm (0-11)    Number              0
h       Hour in am/pm (1-12)    Number              12
m       Minute in hour          Number              30
s       Second in minute        Number              55
S       Millisecond             Number              978
z       Time zone               General time zone   Pacific Standard Time; PST; GMT-08:00
Z       Time zone               RFC 822 time zone   -0800

It's not exactly what you mean with "FMDAY", but I'll assume that you mean the text representation of day in week such as "Tuesday".

In that case, the desired FMDAY, DD MONTH YYYY format should be set as

<rich:calendar ... pattern="EEEE, dd MMMM yyyy" />

and DD MON YYYY as

<rich:calendar ... pattern="dd MMM yyyy" />

Today's date should then result in "Tuesday, 27 November 2012" and "27 Nov 2012" respectively.

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