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Trying to create a formula field in salesforce to calculate the average number of days taken from Close date to (either of the 2 other dates). E.g

Close date
Email start date live date

formula I'm trying to write is close date - (earliest of the email start date or the live date).

Help will be appreciated. thanks

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There's a MAX() function available but it accepts only numbers, not dates. So have a look at these and pick whichever you're feeling more comfortable with ;)

(Formula type must be of type Number, call it "Lifespan (in days)" or something)

IF(Email_Start_Date__c > Live_Date__c, Email_Start_Date__c, Live_Date__c) - Close_Date__c


MAX(Email_Start_Date__c - Close_Date__c, Live_Date__c - Close_Date__c)

Edit to incorporate Priyanka's problem from the comments: If you have several dates you want to fall back on (if one is null, try another one) it's best to use BLANKVALUE function to avoid long chains of IF statements:

            BLANKVALUE(Estimated_Email_Start_Date__c, Estimated_Go_Live_Date__c)

You can also combine it with the trick with IF's to select lowest one, for example:

    IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Email_Start_Date__c)) && NOT(ISBLANK(Go_Live_Date__c)), 
        IF(Email_Start_Date__c < Go_Live_Date__c, Email_Start_Date__c , Go_Live_Date__c ),
        BLANKVALUE(Estimated_Email_Start_Date__c, Estimated_Go_Live_Date__c)

This will check the override date first. If it's null but both email start & go live dates are set - will select smaller of the 2. If any of them is blank - will keep falling back to check estimated dates and finally will give up if with null if everything was null.

But I have to say if you really need to write such convoluted things - you're doing something wrong. Force your users to start filling in some dates earlier, it's a sign of very poor data quality...

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Thank you, I tried creating this, however, it's working well for records which has the 'live date' populated or both live date and email start date populated but it doesn't seem to work for the ones which only have an email start date (in which case it should work out email start date - close date). –  Priyanka Nov 27 '12 at 15:14
Just add ISBLANK() checks as you need then, for example IF(ISBLANK(Live_Date__c) || Email_Start_Date__c > Live_Date__c, ... ("||" is a boolean "or" condition). Full functions reference: help.salesforce.com/apex/… –  eyescream Nov 27 '12 at 15:17
You're a star! Thanks so much for your help. –  Priyanka Nov 27 '12 at 15:26
Hi again, is there a way to calculate the earliest of two (or more) dates (other date fields) via a formula field? –  Priyanka Jan 8 '13 at 15:02
Have you played with the first snippet at all :D Should be as simple as IF(Email_Start_Date__c < Live_Date__c, Email_Start_Date__c, Live_Date__c) –  eyescream Jan 8 '13 at 15:13

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