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I have a Java project using a log4j appender that works as a batch.

I would like it to roll a file for each execution.

Log4j offers to roll a file either by a period of time (DailyRollingFileAppender), or by file length (RollingFileAppender), which is good for continuously-on applications, like in Java EE, but not so good for a batch.

Is there a way to manually trigger the file rolling?

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Finally, it was easy, I just had to do the following :

for (Enumeration<Appender> e = Logger.getRootLogger().getAllAppenders(); e.hasMoreElements();) {
            Appender a = e.nextElement();
            if (a instanceof RollingFileAppender) {
                ((RollingFileAppender) a).rollOver();

at the beginning of the batch...

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