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I have a CDI based Web application which displays in a dataTable a list of Tickets that is produced in my ProducerBean:

public List<Tickets> getTickets() {     
   return tickets;

<h:dataTable var="tickets" value="#{tickets}" >
    . . . 

This works perfectly, however I need to use this List of Tickets ("tickets") beyond JSF EL.

Another CDI Bean which is referenced in the same page uses:

private List <Tickets> tickets;

However the list of tickets injected is empty. I still can query again the Tickets via JPA, however I'd like to reuse that List I have produced. Is it possible to do it ?
Thanks a lot

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I suppose that at injection time, the tickets field of the first bean is empty. The injection is performed at bean instantiation, so make sure you instantiate the tickets field properly inside the @PostConstruct method of the first bean.

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This would be my guess as well with the limited code posted. – LightGuard Nov 28 '12 at 14:24

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