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I am building my first GTK application. I am writing my app in Mono C# using the GTK# bindings. However, I will be happy to receive the GTK+ explanation and figure out the GTK# implementation. The application consists of a single top level window that I wish to toggle fullscreen mode on and off in the same way that Chrome does with the F11 key. I can go to full screen mode easily by executing the GdkWindow.Fullscreen () method on the window object. But, I cannot figure out how to toggle back to 'Normal' mode.

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First of all, try calling Unfullscreen method (the effect is WM dependent, though).

Note, that fullscreen state may be tracked via Widget.WindowStateEvent event.

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Thank you, it was right in front of my nose. Learning a new API can be a big task. I was aware of that Widget.WindowStateEvent, also I found that I could check the GdkWindow.State value for the current state of the window as well. Your answer was directly on point. – Jim Reineri Nov 27 '12 at 14:26
@JimReineri: You are welcome, good luck with gtk# :) – barti_ddu Nov 27 '12 at 14:59

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