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I'm trying to upload a photo from my iPhone to a website. However, the browse button to display the select file dialog is disabled. Normally this works fine on my HTC Mobile and all Android Mobiles. Should I be able to select image files to upload from Safari on iPhone?

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In iOS 6 it is possible –  iNailuY Nov 27 '12 at 14:16

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This is not available prior to iOS 6. Since iOS 6, the select file button will open the typical select from library / take photo or video view.

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I checked some website and it seem to only allow you to upload files that is stored inside the Photo Library (I am running iOS 6 for this). The thing with iOS is that there is no file system type behaviour that you normally find on a Windows and Android environment. Hence that explains why you can do it on your HTC but not on your iPhone.

If you need more information, this blog here explains how iOS 6 handles file upload.

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