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I would like to show the x, y, z axis like this (together with the scatter data):

3D coord. system

I tried to edit the graph using the GUI (e.g. trying to move the yaxis). I there any way to achieve this?

My basic code:

M = csvread('H:\Bla.csv', 1);

figure1 = figure;

% Create axes
axes1 = axes('Parent',figure1,'YAxisLocation','right','XAxisLocation','top',...
view(axes1,[-65.5 36]);

% Create scatter3

% Create xlabel

% Create ylabel

% Create zlabel
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You can either do something like this manually (you still need to add arrows):

x = line([0 100],[0,0],[0,0],'color','r');
y = line([0 0],[0,100],[0,0],'color','g');
z = line([0 0],[0,0],[0,100],'color','b']);

Or use some available FEX contributions:

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oaxes did help. Thanks! –  csetzkorn Nov 28 '12 at 11:32

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