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How to save array of structures in .mat file in Matlab? Is it possible?



% ??? Error using ==> save
% The argument to -STRUCT must be the name of a scalar structure variable.
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You can use save without the -struct parameter:

>> p(1).x = 0;
>> p(1).y = 0;
>> p(2).x = 1;
>> p(2).y = 1;
>> save('myvars.mat', 'p');
>> clear p;
>> load('myvars.mat');
>> p(1)

ans = 

    x: 0
    y: 0

>> p(2)

ans = 

    x: 1
    y: 1

If you want want to store x and y as separate arrays (as -store would if p was a scalar struct) then you'll need to do it yourself (you can use the fieldnames function to collect the names of all fields in a struct).

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thanks i was searching for this answer. –  bvbdort Nov 27 '12 at 16:28

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