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so i have the below query that does NOT return anything when it should.{ingredient : {name : {$ne : "Kahlua"}}});  //empty data

However, what i think is its equivalent does output the correct info:{"" : {$ne : "Kahlua"}});   //gives correct data

I tried this using the BrowserShell for the above 2 queries, and it hasn't given me much problem for simple functions and queries.

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No, they are not the same.{"" : {$ne : "Kahlua"}}); 

is saying "find where the ingredient name is not equal to Kahlua", whereas...{ingredient : {name : {$ne : "Kahlua"}}});

is saying "find where the ingredient sub object consists of a name property only, where that name is not equal to Kahlua". So in this case you're actually performing a search on the whole subject.

Probably far better explained here - dot notation vs subobjects

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would you be able to look at… – bouncingHippo Nov 27 '12 at 15:05

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