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Background: I'm running simulations of escape panic, how people escape from rooms, buildings corridors etc. For large populations there is a large number of computation as each person needs to calculate a "social force" from each other person (i.e. 2000 people = 2000^2 calculations)

Code: I tried to implement a fork join mechanism to split this calculation. "people" is an array list of class "Pedestrian". Each person in my simulation is an instance of this class. This is the function in which I implemented the frok/join:

public static void timeSteppBridgeAllMulti() {
    MultiThreading mt = new MultiThreading(0, people.size());
    ForkJoinPool pool = new ForkJoinPool();


static class MultiThreading extends RecursiveAction {

    int mStart = 0;
    int mLength = 0;

    MultiThreading(int start, int length) {
        mStart = start;
        mLength = length;

    protected void computeDirectly() {
        for (int i = mStart; i < mStart + mLength; i++) {

    protected void compute() {
        if (people.size() <= 300) {//do work directly

        int split = people.size() / 2;
        invokeAll(new MultiThreading(mStart, split), new MultiThreading(mStart + split, people.size()));

For each person (people.get(i)) I call the timeStepBridge function which loops over all other people, reads their position and calculates the distance and the force to them.

Problem: When the number of people is less than the threshold (here 300), the program runs without problem. However, when the number of people exceeds the threshold the program throws a java.lang.StackOverflowError. I increased the Stack size and then the program just freezes and does not respond.

I've played around with this for a couple of days but cannot get anywhere. If anybody has an idea I would appreciate it

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What OS are you running this in? Many times, the OS has the limitation on the number of process being forked. –  muruga Nov 27 '12 at 14:51
I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit. I tried to get this running with 301 people so it should just fork once –  Negative Probability Nov 27 '12 at 15:20

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You incorrectly split the work in your RecursiveAction.

Your RecursiveAction works with slice of people of length mLength, it should not call people.size() at all:

protected void compute() {
    if (mLength <= 300) {//do work directly

    int split = mLength / 2;
        new MultiThreading(mStart, split), 
        new MultiThreading(mStart + split, mLength - split));
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Thank you! Now that you say it seems obvious. sorry for the useless question –  Negative Probability Nov 27 '12 at 16:05

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