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I am using the twitter bootstrap as a field constructer like this

    @import helper.twitterBootstrap._
    @implicitFieldConstructor = @{ FieldConstructor(extra.twitterBootstrapInput.f) }

How would I go about adding/using another field constructor?

Thank you

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You can only have one in the template, although you may be able to hack it.

First of all let's understand the code. The code you show creates an implicit (as the name starts by Implicit) variable called fieldConstructor in the resulting Scala code. As it has the type FieldConstructor (automatically inferred from the value assigned) it will be used in those places where an implicit FieldConstructor may be needed.

If you where to declare another var of the same type in a similar way, Scala would not know which implicit to use and would raise an error.

That said, you could explicitly declare the FieldConstructoras in:

 @input(field, args:_*)( Htmlcode)(implicitFieldConstructor)

Notice the 3rd parameter is made explicit.

That should allow you to create more constructors like the following:

 @implicitAnotherFieldConstructor = @{ FieldConstructor(anotherConstructor) }

Warning: I could not fully test this right now, but given the way templates behave that seems your only choice.

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What I do is have my regular @implicitFieldConstructor for the field constructor which will get used the most on the template. That will be the default one used for most field helpers. I then declare any other FieldConstructors without "implicit" in the name and pass them to any field helpers that need it. – estmatic Nov 29 '12 at 21:15

Another way I figured out of going about this is adding if else statements inside one field constructor, for example in your form:

 '_label -> "Upload files",
 'uploadwidget -> "Select file(s)"

and in your field constructor:

    //Do something here
    //Do something else
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