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I have 8 comboboxes on my form that will all hold the same values - Yes and No.

Is there a quicker way than having to do combox1.items.add("Yes") etc?

I have the following but I cant seem to find anything to do with adding the items.

    Dim cmb As Control
    For Each cmb In Panel1.Controls
        If TypeOf cmb Is ComboBox Then
'cmb. isnt beinging anything up for adding items?
        End If


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cmb is still a Control in that case; you'd need DirectCast(cmb, ComboBox).Items.Add. But use @TimSchmelter's solution instead, and make sure not to declare cmb in advance in that case :) –  minitech Nov 27 '12 at 15:20

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You can use Enumerable.OfType:

For Each cmb In Panel1.Controls.OfType(Of ComboBox)()
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thank you very much, works perfectly. –  user1295053 Nov 28 '12 at 11:45

This Code will be useful, if you didnt use panel. If you have 5 comboboxes give count 1 to 5 and name of those comboboxes like ComboBox1, ComboBox2, comboBox3 etc.

For count = 1 To 5
Dim combobox = DirectCast(Me.Controls("ComboBox" & n & ""), ComboBox)

Hope this code also helps you.

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I would create a DataSource containing {Yes,No} values, for example as a List and then just do this:

For Each cmb In Panel1.Controls.OfType(Of ComboBox)()
  cmb.DataSource = myYesNoDataSource

Later if you need to accept Y and N in place of Yes and No, you can convert to Dictionary and set ValueMember and DisplayMember accordingly. Plus your list of available values is only initialized once. So your solution becomes flexible.

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Cool tip! - Good to know! –  John Bustos Nov 27 '12 at 16:57

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