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I am working on a Perl code using XML::DOM.

I found in Perl help(XML::DOM::Node) stating as below.

@list = $node->getChildNodes;        # returns a perl list
$nodelist = $node->getChildNodes;    # returns a NodeList (object reference)
for my $kid ($node->getChildNodes)   # iterate over the children of $node

If I pass it in my function as below.


I am not getting the reference to the list.

Is there any way to get the reference with out declaring temporary scalar variable, like below.

my $tmp=$node->getChildNodes;

Thank you.

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myfunction([ $node->getChildNodes ])

myfunction(scalar $node->getChildNodes)

The second avoids creating a new array and a new reference, but the first might be clearer.

PS — Why are you telling Perl to ignore the prototype on myfunction? Don't use &.

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It works!!. Thank you. –  NewToUnix Nov 28 '12 at 8:50
If this answers your question, check the mark next to it. Welcome to StackOverflow! –  ikegami Nov 30 '12 at 2:03

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