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In my application I have a stack of the following activities:

A -> B -> C

Each activity has a broadcast receiver as an inner class, that registers with an IntentFilter at its onCreate(), and deregisters at onDestroy().

This pattern works well on normal cases, but fails when the app is killed. When the app is reopened after being killed, only the last activity (C in the example above) is reopened, and its broadcast receiver will be the only registered one. If I terminate the C activity, the B activity will then be recreated (passing via its onCreate()), and so on with the A activity.

Is it possible to re-create the whole activity stack, instead of the top-most activity, as soon as the app is reopened after being killed?

Thanks ;)

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A solution to this might be extending the Application context, and registering your receivers there. Then, no matter which activity is started, your application will register its IntentFilters.

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I am already extending Application (although for other reasons), but my need here is to keep the broadcast receivers inside the activities, and invoking all the broadcast receivers in every activity. – Venator85 Nov 27 '12 at 15:51

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