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I am using SimpleAuth by Alex (https://github.com/crhym3/simpleauth/) in my GAE application.

When I was using it in localhost, I am login successfully using fb and google id.

After I deployed to PROD, I can still login successfully for google ids but cant login using FB ID.

 def _on_signin(self, data, auth_info, provider):
"""Callback whenever a new or existing user is logging in.data is a user info dictionary.auth_info contains access token or oauth token and secret.
auth_id = '%s:%s' % (provider, data['id'])
logging.info('Looking for a user with id %s', auth_id)
user = self.auth.store.user_model.get_by_auth_id(auth_id)
_attrs = self._to_user_model_attrs(data, self.USER_ATTRS[provider])
if user:
    logging.info('Found existing user to log in')

For FB login, I can get the values of the users and store it datastore. When I try to self.auth.set_session() which sets _auth cookie somehow for FB login it fails to create _auth cookie.


My authentication type is (Experimental)Federated Login.

I could not able to figure out why self.auth.set_session() doesn't able to create cookie for FB logins.

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Federated Login probably has nothing to do with FB auth, if you're using their OAuth 2.0 (Graph) API. How do you know it isn't setting a cookie? Do you mean that self.auth.get_user_by_session() returns None after self.auth.set_session(...)? Also, could it be that you have some cached values in the browser? Try logging with Google and FB using Chrome Incognito and see if you get the same results. – alex Nov 27 '12 at 16:35
Yes I used self.auth.get_user_by_session() to check. I used chrome incognito still the same results. For FB, set_session() actually sets the value during on_signin() func but when I redirect to '\profile, get_user_by_session() returns none for FB. One thing I observed is when execute the set_session it creates a cookie called _auth ( in localhost[fb,google] and in prod[google] case) but not for FB prod which I suspects causing to return none for get_user_by_session after redirect. Attached my log details for FB and google [i.imgur.com/FIbrQ.png] – ratbaby Nov 27 '12 at 17:12
Could it be something similar to this? groups.google.com/d/topic/gae-simpleauth/5nBLq9m0dy0/discussion It just looks like it... – alex Nov 27 '12 at 21:02
I checked my code i couldn't find any other save_sessions(). To be sure i just copied your code and simulate the login.. Somehow i can not login in Fb in prod. my test app [testersrajini.appspot.com/ ] and code [github.com/rakeshviyak/example ]. I can login successfully for google and tweeter but not for fb. – – ratbaby Nov 28 '12 at 16:42
Could you try logging in with your FB account here? simpleauth.appspot.com – alex Nov 29 '12 at 7:53

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