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I have a Windows Form containing a WebBrowser, that I'm using to display PDF documents inside my apps. I have a Document class with a FileName property, and the WebBrowser's source is bound to that property.

However, with some networked files, the form can take about 30 seconds (up to 2 minutes sometimes) to display a single PDF file. The network share is hosted on an IBM iSeries.

The issue only happens in Windows 7 (on XP, the file opens instantly), and only once :

  • User boots the workstation
  • Launches the program
  • Tries to view a UNC file : long delay
  • Closes the window
  • Tries to view the same file or any other UNC file : opens instantly

Any clues as to what may be causing this ?

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Try disabling "detect automatic settings" in IE browser. I know this sounds odd, but I've had issues with clients accessing files over the network as a result of this setting!

Just a thought....

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Odd problem, odd answer... I will check & try that. –  T. Fabre Nov 28 '12 at 7:36
Unfortunately, it does not work.... –  T. Fabre Nov 28 '12 at 10:38

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