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I have categories and subcategories saved in a database. I want to show them in a CHtml dropdown like this:


My category table is like this

id name parent_id

and parent_id is 0 if the tuple is a parent itself

I already tried this in my Category model:

public function relations()
    return array(
                'getparent' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'Category', 'parent_id'),
                'childs' => array(self::HAS_MANY, 'Category', 'parent_id', 'order' => 'id ASC'),

public function getCategoryTree() 
        $subitems = array();
        if($this->childs) foreach($this->childs as $child) 
            $subitems[] = $child->getListed();
        $returnarray = array($this->id => $this->title);
        if($subitems != array()) 
            $returnarray = array_merge($returnarray, array('items' => $subitems));
        return $returnarray;

and in my view:

         echo CHtml::dropDownList('category', 'id', 
                        array('empty' => '(Select a category'));

but it gives me a empty dropdown. How can I show this treeview in the dropdownlist with option groups? (The option groups are the parent categories and the options are sub_categories.

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the getCategoryTree function will not work without initializing $this when you are calling it with the static model $this will be null – Nov 28 '12 at 5:02
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Try this

echo $form->dropDownList($model,'id',CHtml::listData(SubCat::model()->findAll(),'id', 'name',''),array('prompt'=>'Choose'));

this will show parents and sub-categories on the dropdown

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it works, but it just shows all the categories, it does not separate the parents and sub categories – Mahsa Teimourikia Nov 27 '12 at 17:08
this should work, just that SubCat will be Category itself, and relation_name will be getparent – Nov 28 '12 at 5:00
yes sorry my bad! It should work as expected. – WebDevPT Nov 28 '12 at 8:14
are you sure all the subcategories are also shown at top? according to me only the parent categories(parent_id=0) will be shown at top, then followed by grouped subcategories. – Nov 28 '12 at 8:39
I added the condition to findAll to get only the sub_cats and now it's working, thanks everyone – Mahsa Teimourikia Nov 28 '12 at 8:46

You create empty model and try to get it's childs Category::model()->CategoryTree so you have got empty result.

Try method to get the list of child categories in your model:

public function getChildList() {
    $return = array();
    if ($this->childs !== null) {
        foreach ($this->childs as $child) {
            $return[$child->id] = "--".$child->title;
    return $return;

On your controller action:

$categotyList = array();
$parentCategories = Category::model()->findAllByAttributes(array('parent_id'=>'0'));
foreach ($parentCategories as $category) {
               array('$category->id' => '$category->name'), 

And view:

echo CHtml::dropDownList('category', 'id', 
                        array('empty' => '(Select a category'));

Check the code for errors, and modify as you needed.

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