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I wish for a getter method to return a different value when it's called multiple times. Similar to the one below:

Iterator<String> itr = new List<String>{'one','two','three','four','five'}.iterator();

public String getValue(){
        return 'No more values';

In , I use it as such:

<!-- getNumber() called 5 times in a single visualforce page, NOT in a loop -->

and the output is:

one one one one one one

Is there any way to have it print out like:

one two three four five No more values

It seems that the parser calls getValue() only once and caches the value for the remainder of the page.

Making the iterator static or

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Visualforce docs explicitly tell us to "Do not use side-effects in your getters or setters!" and to not count on the amount or order in which getters & setters are called. Why would you want to make such abomination?… – eyescream Nov 27 '12 at 17:36
Mostly because <apex:include pageName="{!someValue}"/> does not work in an <apex:repeat ...> I have a very finite list of pages I wish to include (only 10) but the order may shift. – CodeBaker Nov 27 '12 at 17:46

Please don't use getters with side effects... I'm not surprised they're actually caching the values and no amount of transient can save you.

You can pull that off by exposing List<String> values {get;private set;} and then in Visualforce calling {!values[3]} or even {!values[i]} (where i can be an Integer variable from controller or even <apex:variable> although that's quite hardcore... Just sort your array of strings/page names in controller and display them in "fixed order" using the index on the VF side?

(The array syntax is quite powerful by the way, if you have String fieldName = 'AccountNumber';, you can have runtime binding with {!acc[fieldName]} in VF)

Another option would be to explore Dynamic Visualforce components? It seems you can't use them with <apex:include> though. But I know I had no problems including custom components in the past inside a repeat if that's of any help...

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