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I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and since then I am having difficulty running Instrument to instrument my app from Xcode. The Record button would be grayed out, and nothing happens. There is no message in Xcode's console telling me what's wrong either. I used to be able to attach it to process or launch the process from Instruments as well, all these are no longer working.

Any idea what's causing this?

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I had the same issue! I could only use Instruments on my iPhone but not on iPad or iPad2! Whenever I started instruments with Xcode 4 it would just beep and the record button would be disabled..

I solved this issue by in XCode going to >Targets>Edit Scheme>Profile "yourAppName" and changing the Build Configuration from Release to Debug. Then try to profile again Product>Profile

If you get the beep again.. You will see that it says "CHOOSE TARGET" next to the record button open the drop down >Choose Target> "yourAppName" then hit record.

This solved it for me and was finally able to run instruments again!

I know this post is old but i hope it helps someone.

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I had the same problem after reinstalling Snow Leopard last week. I moved my /Developer folder to /Developer_old and re-ran the Xcode installer pkg, and now have Instruments back.

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I was unable to get instruments to work with my iPhone (it had previously worked). The behaviour I saw was that xcode would say "finished running - Profiling [app name]" before the instruments window was even shown (the choose instrument window).

I worked around this by going to product->scheme->edit scheme, select profile [app name] and select an instrument (i.e. Allocations) under the instrument drop down (instead of "ask on launch").

Once I did this, selecting Product->profile worked for me and the instruments was running.

I wanted the zombie instrument which strangely isn't in the xcode dropdown, I was able to use this by simply using file->new in instruments (while the allocations instrument was still connected and running) and I could then choose the zombies instrument and the record button wasn't greyed out!

All of this was with iOS 7.0.3 and xcode 5.0.1.

I hope this helps at least one other person to stop ripping their hair out, but knowing xcode I somehow doubt it!

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Note that if you have multiple targets, it is very likely that you need indeed to tell Xcode which one you want to profile. Use the edit targets scheme above

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