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i have a problem, about render bitmap files in opengl (manually): how get data from unsigned char pointer in order to use them in glDrawPixels function? (unsigned char *bitmap_Image)

class bitmap
    unsigned long BPP;
    unsigned long width;
    unsigned long height;
    unsigned long size;
    unsigned char *bitmap_Image; // how use this member??
    unsigned int bps;


    bool Load(const char *filename);
    #pragma pack(push,1)

     typedef struct 
     WORD bfType;
     DWORD bfSize;
     DWORD bfReserved;
     DWORD bfOffBits;

     typedef struct 
     DWORD biSize;
     LONG biWidth;
     LONG biHeight;
     WORD biPlanes;
     WORD biBitCount;
     DWORD biCompression;
     DWORD biSizeImage;
     LONG biXPelsPerMeter;
     LONG biYPelsPerMeter;
     DWORD biClrUsed;
     DWORD biClrImportant;

     #pragma pack(pop)

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Having read the question once again, you have to declare a public member wich returns the internal pointer bitmap_Image.

   const unsigned char* GetImageData() const { return bitmap_Image; }
   int GetWidth() const { return width; }
   int GetHeight() const { return heigth; }
   int GetBPP() const { return BPP; }

There's no other (standart and safe) way around the privateness of the field.

Assuming that BPP is BitsPerPixel and it is either 24 or 32, you might call

 bitmap* YourBmp = ... // construct and load

 const unsigned char* Ptr = YourBmp->GetImageData();
 int W = YourBmp->GetWidth();
 int H = YourBmp->GetHeight();
 int Fmt  = (YourBmp->GetBPP() == 24) ? GL_BGR : GL_BGRA; // or maybe GL_RGB or GL_RGBA
 glDrawPixels(W, H, Fmt, Type, Ptr);

There are problems if your image uses palette (8-bit or less) - you have to convert it to RGB(A). There's another problem if the size of a single line of your image is not divisible by 4, you might get invalid array in bitmap_Image field.

glRasterPos or glWindowPos will help you to set the position where you want to render your image.

If you are using GL2.0+ without fixed-function (though it is unlikely) then you should create the 4-vertex array and render the quad with a simple fragment shader.

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thank you so much –  pedram semnani Nov 27 '12 at 17:01
I'd make this a constant function (also return pointer to constant data) –  datenwolf Nov 27 '12 at 17:48
@datenwolf: At first I just wasn't sure about glDrawPixels parameter (const or non-const), now I looked up the docs and added the const modifier to GetImageData. –  Viktor Latypov Nov 27 '12 at 20:25
thank you for edit .today i use this cods and after build solution and run program got error "program has stopped working" –  pedram semnani Nov 28 '12 at 6:06
so i decide to print bitmap_Image array in console (cmd) and found that const unsigned char* Ptr = YourBmp->GetImageData(); cant show my bitmap data :| –  pedram semnani Nov 28 '12 at 6:14

You basically need to load your bitmap binary blob into a byte (aka. unsigned char) array, then passing it to your glDrawPixels() function :

unsigned char[] myBitmap;
glDrawPixels( ..., &myBitmap, ... );
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