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In UNIX OS, how can I find the port number when i know the process name or pid ?

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netstat -pl | grep NAME_OR_PID
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specifying the -p flag is usually followed by the protocol –  unekwu Jan 12 at 22:31
@unekwu incorrect. Go read the man page. -p, --program: Show the PID and name of the program to which each socket belongs. You're thinking of --protocol which is different. –  Chris Jan 14 at 3:30
I get netstat: l: unknown or uninstrumented protocol when I run this on my computer –  unekwu Jan 14 at 5:45
@unekwu then you have a non-standard netstat implementation. Mine is part of the "net-tools 2.10 alpha" suite, running under Arch Linux. –  Chris Jan 14 at 21:44
I see. Its different for OSX. I tried to upvote but it says I can't upvote until it is edited. If you include it doesn't work for mac, I'll upvote again. –  unekwu Jan 17 at 14:27

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