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An Enrol Plugin in Moodle 1.9x could have a setup_enrolments(&$user) method to set user enrolments. This method was called by the lib when user log in.

Does Moodle 2.x uses a similar method?

I couldn't find any call to setup_enrolments() method. Must it have another name?

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Yes, I believe enrol_plugin::sync_user_enrolments() does it. From lib/enrollib.php:

 * Forces synchronisation of user enrolments.
 * This is important especially for external enrol plugins,
 * this function is called for all enabled enrol plugins
 * right after every user login.
 * @param object $user user record
 * @return void
public function sync_user_enrolments($user) {
    // override if necessary
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Thats it. Thanks. – paulodiovani Nov 28 '12 at 11:12

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