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I dont think it is an issue. Here is the question I was asked:

One of my colleague asked me a question.

"I want a small portion of the c# dll (probably a helper function he may ask) to be used in my project, do i need to use whole package? But seems like to be it's size is high. so will it make any issues related to performace?"

But i said NO. The reason for my answer was:

"Suppose we are building a web application contains of 200 pages and everything will be finally converted to a single dll. Do you survive a page / portion of dll for each request? No! we built as a single assembly(application) and use. The same answer applied here".

Am i right? or is really making any difference?

Every library packed as a component to survive for a different purpose of a different need. How come a performance issue will come over?

Is there any article says about loading big assembly and response time?

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How about measuring the impact first and then discussing it instead of conjecturing? – Bryan Crosby Nov 27 '12 at 17:25
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It's better to have a single large DLL than many smaller DLLs - the size of the DLL doesn’t really matter. The cost of loading a large DLL is basically equal to loading a small DLL.

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