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Is there a way to automatically start a process under gdb on Linux? An equivalent of setting the Image File Execution Options on Windows.

I am trying to debug start-up phase of a process that is launched from another one.

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I would normally move the real program out of the way, and replace it with a script that launches the program under GDB with the same parameters.


exec gdb -args <realprog> "$@"

If that doesn't work due to the output being redirected to file, or something, then try this:


exec xterm -e gdb -args <realprog> "$@"

That should give you a pop-up terminal with GDB running inside.

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You don't have to go through all that registry voodoo on Linux :)


1) Rename your program

2) Write a shell script that calls gdb with your (renamed) program and passes any arguments you want. Make sure you "chmod +rx" your script.

3) Name the shell script the original name of your program, and put it in the same directory as your program

4) Execute!

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