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TripSent and ReturnCode

I want to do a left join in these to tables like

"left join TripSent on TripSent.ReturnCode = ReturnCode.Id"

Here is my TripSent Mapping Class

public TripSentMap()
    Id(x => x.Id)
    //EDIT : Removed redundant Mapping Info
    References(x => x.ReturnCode)

This is my HQL

String hql = @"SELECT ts.PartialTripNumber, ts.Sequence, ts.TagIssuer, ts.TagNumber, ts.DateTime, ts.PlazaNumber, ts.LaneNumber, ts.RealCategory, ts.DetectedCategory,
    ts.TabulatedCategory, ts.Amount, ts.PassMode, ts.LicensePlate, ts.ImageReason, ts.ReturnCode, ts.TripSentStatus
    FROM TripSent ts
    WHERE ts.Remittance.Id = :remId";

var transactionDetailsHql = _session.CreateQuery(hql)
                .SetParameter("remId", remId)

This generates a query like this

select tripsent0_.PARTIAL_TRIP_NUMBER    as col_0_0_,
       tripsent0_.SEQUENCE               as col_1_0_,
       tripsent0_.EI_TAG_ISSUER_ID       as col_2_0_,
       tripsent0_.TAG_NUMBER             as col_3_0_,
       tripsent0_.DATE_TIME              as col_4_0_,
       tripsent0_.PLAZA_NUMBER           as col_5_0_,
       tripsent0_.LANE_NUMBER            as col_6_0_,
       tripsent0_.REAL_CATEGORY          as col_7_0_,
       tripsent0_.DETECTED_CATEGORY      as col_8_0_,
       tripsent0_.TABULATED_CATEGORY     as col_9_0_,
       tripsent0_.AMOUNT                 as col_10_0_,
       tripsent0_.EI_PASS_MODE_ID        as col_11_0_,
       tripsent0_.LICENSE_PLATE          as col_12_0_,
       tripsent0_.EI_IMAGE_REASON_ID     as col_13_0_,
       tripsent0_.EI_RETURN_CODE_ID      as col_14_0_,
       tripsent0_.EI_TRIP_SENT_STATUS_ID as col_15_0_,
       tagissuer1_.ID                    as ID36_0_,
       passmode2_.ID                     as ID14_1_,
       imagereaso3_.ID                   as ID12_2_,
       returncode4_.ID                   as ID28_3_,
       tripsentst5_.ID                   as ID48_4_,
       tagissuer1_.DESCRIPTION           as DESCRIPT2_36_0_,
       tagissuer1_.EI_TAG_CHECK_TYPE_ID  as EI3_36_0_,
       tagissuer1_.EI_TAG_OSA_ID         as EI4_36_0_,
       passmode2_.DESCRIPTION            as DESCRIPT2_14_1_,
       imagereaso3_.DESCRIPTION          as DESCRIPT2_12_2_,
       returncode4_.DESCRIPTION          as DESCRIPT2_28_3_,
       tripsentst5_.DESCRIPTION          as DESCRIPT2_48_4_
from   CENTRO.EI_TRIP_SENT tripsent0_
       inner join CENTRO.EI_TAG_ISSUER tagissuer1_
         on tripsent0_.EI_TAG_ISSUER_ID = tagissuer1_.ID
       inner join CENTRO.EI_PASS_MODE passmode2_
         on tripsent0_.EI_PASS_MODE_ID = passmode2_.ID
       inner join CENTRO.EI_IMAGE_REASON imagereaso3_
         on tripsent0_.EI_IMAGE_REASON_ID = imagereaso3_.ID
       inner join CENTRO.EI_RETURN_CODE returncode4_
         on tripsent0_.EI_RETURN_CODE_ID = returncode4_.ID
       inner join CENTRO.EI_TRIP_SENT_STATUS tripsentst5_
         on tripsent0_.EI_TRIP_SENT_STATUS_ID = tripsentst5_.ID
where  tripsent0_.EI_REMITTANCE_ID = 12 /* :p0 */

But I want an LEFT OUTER JOIN instead of

inner join CENTRO.EI_RETURN_CODE returncode4_ on tripsent0_.EI_RETURN_CODE_ID = returncode4_.ID

I can't find how to do this I've also tried on the mapping

References(x => x.ReturnCode)

No success D:

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You should remove the redundant information from your mapping to make it easier to read.

Also, Object/Relational Mappers like NHibernate are intended to return Objects from a Relational database. If you're trying to specify something like a LEFT JOIN, it doesn't seem like you're trying to pull an object, but rather some customized view.

You can still do this as well, but you'll need a Data Transfer Object (DTO) that is basically an object that represents what each row in the query will return. You could still utilize NHibernate's database connection and use CreateSqlQuery to run the raw SQL and then convert the result into objects as you desire.

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Thanks to respond but I can't do a raw SQL because I use Oracle AND SQL Server databases =/ I knew about DTO but, I was hoping I could make my reference call a LEFT JOIN instead of INNER JOIN with a simple tweak. Judging by your answer it is impossible, right? –  gabriel.santos Nov 27 '12 at 18:47
I don't know enough about NHibernate to say it's impossible, but I can say with decent confidence that this is not what it was intended for. You could save the query as a stored procedure and have your code simply call the stored procedure from the database. That way each database can define its own query based on any RDBMs specific issues. –  Origin Nov 27 '12 at 19:14

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