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Hi I am trying to do a macro in sas to the following function

I have multiple sas files(apr12part1, apr12part2,...,aug12part1,aug12part2), for each file(for example:apr12part1) , I will do some process which will give me three output(for example: apr12part1out1,apr12part1out2,pr12part1out3).

I was trying to use macro, but was not very sucssesful. Can someone help me with it? Thank you very much! The code I was using is something like this

%macro test(month=,part=);
   ...FROM EC100002.&month_part_&part
   proc export data=SASUSER.Out1 outfile='G:\Output\Output1_&month_&part.csv' dbms=csv replace;
   proc export data=SASUSER.Out2 outfile='G:\Output\Output2_&month_&part.csv' dbms=csv replace;
   proc export data=SASUSER.Out3 outfile='G:\Output\Output3_&month_&part.csv' dbms=csv replace;
%mend test


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Try adding "dots" to concatenate the macro variables into a complete string. Also, you must use double-quotes, not single-quotes. Something like this:

proc export data=SASUSER.Out1 
     outfile="G:\Output\Output1_&month._&part..csv" dbms=csv replace;

Note there are two "dots" after your &part variable; the first is a concatenation operator and the second is part of the file name.

You probably have similar issues with the code not displayed, so check that as well.

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Thank you! I tried your method but the log gave me some error and couldn't finish the run WARNING: The quoted string currently being processed has become more than 262 characters long. You may have unbalanced quotation marks. –  user1652926 Nov 27 '12 at 19:09
Well, that message means you have a stray single or double quote somewhere in your program. If you are doing this interactively, your session is likely messed up. You can try clearing it by submitting this code: *'; *"; *); */; %mend; run; (known as the SAS "magic string"). –  BellevueBob Nov 27 '12 at 19:14
I'm thinking does the &month inside the quotation mark matters? Is this validate in SAS? –  user1652926 Nov 27 '12 at 19:20
Where should I put the code? At the bottom in the macro right before the %mend? then Do I need another %mend? –  user1652926 Nov 27 '12 at 19:24
No, that code should not be part of any program. It is just something you "submit" manually whenever you get a WARNING message like that. It might be better for you to save your programming code and restart your SAS session. –  BellevueBob Nov 27 '12 at 19:39

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