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I want to save text into a file with this function that:

 void wl (char* buff[],char lp[],char mt[])
  FILE *fp;
  fp=fopen(lp, mt);

  fprintf(fp, buff);
  fclose (fp);

If I run it via a simple input buffer like "abcd" .... "abcd" will save into the destination file.

However, if I include text that contains "%s %d ...." or other C format strings ... it will save the wrong data.

I would like to know how I can save a string like "ab%cd" into a file. I know that if I replace % with %%, it will save correctly but I can't write the correct replace code for %

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You could do fprintf(fp, "%s", buff) or use fputs(buff, fp) that does the same.

You should probably never use any input as a formatting string - this can lead to exploits.

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TanQ for your answer and your security tip ;) –  mahdi mohamadzade Nov 27 '12 at 19:42

Check out fputs and fwrite - neither of them perform any substitution. The former is probably all you're looking for, and easier to use as well, but fwrite gives you a little more power if you need it (it's typically used to write arbitrary binary to a file).

Hope that helps!

PS: Or, for a really lame, hackish solution, try:

fprintf(fp, "%s", buff); //Yuck!
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yea thats it .... tanQ too Xavier ... –  mahdi mohamadzade Nov 27 '12 at 19:43

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