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I'm using Eclipse 3.7.2 with CDT 8.0.2 on Linux. How can I configure the CDT to recognize c++11 syntax, specifically override? Currently the parser flags a bogus error on the line indicated. The build completes without error since I include -std=c++11 in my compiler command lines.

class foo
    virtual ~foo(){}
    virtual void func(){}

class bar : public foo
    virtual ~bar(){}
    virtual void func() override {} // <--- parser incorrectly flags syntax error

int main()
    bar my_bar;
    return 0;

I tried the directions on the Eclipse wiki and here without success. Again, I only need the editor's parser to recognize c++11, the actual build is fine.

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To fix C++11 syntax highlighting go to:

Project Properties --> C/C++ General --> Paths and Symbols --> Symbols --> GNU C++

and overwrite the symbol (i.e. add new symbol):


with value


Make sure that indexer is enabled in project settings (C/C++ general --> Indexer)

Then reindex (Project --> C/C++ Index --> Rebuild)

if the problem still persist reindex once again. It should work now.

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good solution, I put this at the top of my header file in the source code and it worked – zeitue Aug 21 '14 at 6:50

You can manually define a override macro with no content for the parser only in your Project "Properties/Preprocessor Includes/CDT User Settings".

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This problem solved itself for me when I installed the development version of eclipse:

Eclipse Luna 4.4 CDT 8.4

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