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How to get microsoft visual studio 2010 highlight members of Vbscript(Asp) Class, when class situated in external file, and added to script like #include or file is one of element of project? is that possible?

Here is code for Example:

<%@language="VBScript" %>
    ' Scripted by AB

    Option Explicit 

    Response.Charset = "UTF-8"
    Session.CodePage = 65001

    Class MyClass1

        Function Test()
            Test = "MyClass1 function test"
        End Function    

    End Class

    Dim obj : Set obj = New MyClass1

    obj. ' <--- Show Test 

<!-- #include virtual='/app_code/core/inc_class_test2.asp' -->

    Dim obj2 : Set obj2 = New MyClass2 ' from inc_class_test2.asp 

    obj2. ' <--- Show nothing


this is a very real issue. in my projects a lot of "chubby" classes and I began to forget what methods there are. can anyone encountered this problem and knows an elegant solution?

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