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Using Grails 2.0.4, I'm trying to install rest-client-builder:1.0.2 using this...

grails install-plugin rest-client-builder

...but Grails returns the error below; I've tried cleaning, refreshing dependencies, etc., keep getting the same error...

:: #rest-client-builder;1.0.2: java.text.ParseException: inconsistent module descriptor file found in 'http://plugins.grails.org/grails-rest-client-builder/tags/RELEASE_1_0_2/rest-client-builder-1.0.2.pom': bad organisation: expected='' found='org.grails.plugins'; 

Also tried linking the plugin as a dependency from BuildConfig.groovy, but I get a similar error...

compile (":rest-client-builder:1.0.2"){ export = false}

grailsCentral: bad organisation found in http://plugins.grails.org/grails-rest-client-builder/tags/RELEASE_1_0_2/rest-client-builder-1.0.2.pom: expected='' found='org.grails.plugins'
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Looks like you put it in the dependencies section but it should be in the plugins section:

plugins {
   compile(':rest-client-builder:1.0.2') {
      export = false

You should remove the plugins that are still in application.properties that the install-plugin script adds and only have them in BuildConfig.groovy.

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Yup, that was the issue...ty, Burt. –  raffian Nov 28 '12 at 3:41
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