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I have a nice rollover with the sound on 3 images. When you roll off they pause. I'm trying to get them to restart when they are rolled over again, not start from where they previously were, which they currently do, i tried changing pause to stop in the onmouseout and that didn't work... any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Here is the code i'm currently using

<audio id="sound1" src="audio/banner_vo_title.mp3"></audio>
<audio id="sound2" src="audio/banner_vo_authorname.mp3"></audio>
<audio id="sound3" src="audio/banner_vo_publication.mp3"></audio>

<div id="buttons">
<a href="link to a site" >
    <img src="images/stitch.png" width="345" height="78"
    <img src="images/author.png" width="392" height="78"      
    <img src="images/publication.png" width="346" height="78"
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Reset the currentTime to 0


<a href="link to a site" >
    <img src="images/stitch.png" width="345" height="78"
        onmouseover="var sound=document.getElementById('sound1'); sound.currentTime=0;sound.play()"    

Suggestion, please don't use inline HTML handlers, it's so much easier to work with JS and HTML separately.

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thank you so much! worked perfectly! –  Sarah Baker Nov 27 '12 at 20:07

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