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I write Backbone.Collection to load JSON file and use in Backbone.View

Here is my Backbone.Collection

class Backbone.Config extends Backbone.Collection

  initialize: (filename = 'settings') ->

  # private load setting file
  _load: (filename) ->
      url : "/assets/backbone/config/#{filename}.json"
      error: (e,data) ->
        if data.status == 404
          throw "Exception: Cant find such a file #{filename}.json"
        else if data.status == 200
          throw "Exception: can't load json file. please check your JSON syntax"

  get: ->

I use it in my Backbone.View

like this

 error: ->
     @displayMessage @config.get().form.display_message.error, 'red', 3000

this works well but when I wrote test for it with jasmine,

describe 'events', ->

 beforeEach ->
    @view.config       = new Backbone.Config()
    @successSpy        = sinon.spy @view, 'success'
    @errorSpy          = sinon.spy @view, 'error'
    @displayMessageSpy = sinon.spy @view, 'displayMessage'
    @confirmUnloadSpy  = sinon.spy @view, 'confirmUnload'
    @formChangedSpy    = sinon.spy @view, 'formChanged'

  it "success will called when 'ajax:success' is fired and form error has occured", ->
    @view.$el.trigger 'ajax:success', ['',{'error','','','error_message'}, '']

  it "fail ajax request, will call error method", ->
    @view.$el.trigger 'ajax:failure'

  it 'confirmUnload called when page reloaded', ->
    @view.$el.trigger 'beforeunload'

  it 'when form changed, formChanged method call', ->
    @view.$el.trigger 'change'

but I got a error in jasmine

TypeError: Cannot read property 'form' of undefined

So, my question is

why I got a error when I test Backbone.View using Backbone.Collection in it? >

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(1) Why is Config a collection? (2) Collection already have a get method, overriding it might cause problems. (3) What makes you think that fetch (an AJAX call) has gotten its data when you call @config.get()? – mu is too short Nov 27 '12 at 20:07
(1) i'd like to collect magic numbers in js and use it (2) i c! thx, ill fix it (3) json data has loaded when instantiation – Takashi Nakagawa Nov 28 '12 at 17:14
But @fetch is an AJAX call and get returning undefined smells like a "the AJAX hasn't finished yet" problem. What happens if you replace the @fetch call with a simple inlined assignment to force everything to happen synchronously? – mu is too short Nov 30 '12 at 7:23
thx, i solved :) exactly, ajax returns 'readyState: 1' because of ajax not finished. so i wrote async: false and test is success :) – Takashi Nakagawa Dec 2 '12 at 14:57

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