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   cursor c1 is select ISETID AS ID1 , ISETID1 as ID2 From (select ISetID, ItemsID from FI where ISetID in (Select ISetId from FI group by ISetID having count(ItemsID)=1))  natural join ( select ISetID as IsetID1,ItemsID from FI where ISetID in (Select ISetId from FI group by ISetID  having count(ItemsID)=3));

 v_sf_l  number ;   
 v_sf_b   number;   
 v_confi  number;   
 v_name_l  varchar(200);  
 v_name_b  varchar(200);  


 for I in c1 loop   
     select distinct sf into v_sf_l from FI where IsetID=I.id1;  
     select distinct sf into v_sf_b from FI where IsetID=I.id2;  
     select distinct wm_concat(ItemsName) into v_name_l from FI,items where IsetID=I.id1 and FI.ItemsID =Items.ItemsID;        
     select distinct replace(wm_concat(ItemsName),v_name_l,'')  into v_name_b from FI,items where IsetID=I.id2 and FI.ItemsID =Items.ItemsID;         
     v_name_b:=trim(replace(v_name_b,',',' '));  

     execute immediate('Insert into apr(name1,name2,conf)  values ('||v_name_l||','||v_name_b||','||v_confi||')');


     end loop;

Whenever I execute this script, There is a comma missing error in execute immediate insert when I use the dbms_output.put_line it works!!!!

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It could be more helpful if you provide us what you get exactly as error message when you run this within a SQL*Plus session. –  dariyoosh Nov 27 '12 at 20:19
Rather than executing the query why don't you dbms_output.put_line the query you're trying to execute and see where you're going wrong? –  Ben Nov 27 '12 at 20:25
Yes to Bens idea - or make a string variable - create that sql statement and print out EXACTLY the same sting that you are executing. –  Randy Nov 27 '12 at 21:00

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Looks to me as though your execute immediate is missing some quotes round the strings. Hopefully the code below illustrates how to insert them.


v_confi  number(6) := 10 ;   
v_name_l  varchar(200) := 'ads';  
v_name_b  varchar(200) := 'edf';  
v_text varchar2(1000);


v_text := 'Insert into apr(name1,name2,conf)  values   ('''||v_name_l||''','''||v_name_b||''','||TO_CHAR(v_confi)||')';

 execute immediate(v_text);

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