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I have two files


///<reference path='mongodb.d.ts'/>
///<reference path='MyDatabase.ts'/>
module MyModule {
  import mongodb = module("mongodb");
  new mongodb.Server();
  var db = new MyDatabase(); // this will not work with first import line in Database.js, but work with second


///<reference path='mongodb.d.ts'/>

import mongodb = module("mongodb"); // adding this line here, will cause that app.js will not see MyDatabase class

module MyModule {
   import mongodb = module("mongodb"); // adding this line this will cause that classes in this module cant use mongodb

   export class MyData {
      _id: mongodb.Id; // second import line will cause this to be compilation error, with first line it works

   export class MyDatabase {
       public test(): void {
          //with second line i can access mongodb here

So question is, what am I missing? How should i go about importing mongodb?

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It looks like you might be confusing external modules (export / import) with the "internal" module block? Import declarations should only be present at the top level of a file.

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well as I've said, if its on top of MyDatabase.js, app.js wont see MyDatabase class – Kikaimaru Nov 27 '12 at 20:31

I think the problem is that TS reference paths are includes, not imports. As long as you do not use import/export, the TS compiler puts everything in the 'global module', using reference paths to stitch it together.

Once you start using import/export in a file, that file will be interpreted as its own module, no longer part of the global module. Have a look into the TS language specification, section 9.1, for the details.

So, I suspect that -once you start using import in MyDataBase.ts- you'll need to import that file as an external module, too (instead of just referencing it).

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That sounds like what is happening. But isn't there a way to not use import? Should I get all sources from mongodb, and add it to my project and let typescript to put it all in one file? – Kikaimaru Nov 29 '12 at 9:37
As long as all your external modules can be imported, why not do the same for your own modules (ie, import MyDataBase in app)? – claus Nov 30 '12 at 9:48

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