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Does anybody use bare .SWF files as webpages?
I know it's possible; it seems to work fine for me.

Why would I embed a SWF inside an HTML page if it's just going to be full screen (I mean the size of the browser's normal viewable page area, not COMPLETELY fullscreen)?

Is there a lack of browser support?
Or is this functionality determined by the browser's Flash plugin?

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If you embed it in html page and the client doesn't have the flash plugin, most browsers show a missing plugin message. If u directly host the swf, a plugin-less browser might consider it as a download link and try to download the swf into the client machine instead of showing the missing plugin message.

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My opinion is that if the browser has the Flash plugin it will render it, and it's up to you to implement how the swf behaves when you scale/resize the browser window/etc.

You can embed a swf in an HTML page and have it full browser screen offcourse, and you could interact with the browser a bit better ( some nice javascript/flash action going on ), not mention it would be more SEO/standards friendly.

I would recommend using SWFObject. Have a look at the fullpage demo.

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