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I have two different spreadsheets that include grades of project groups of students and another three spreadsheets that include students' ID's with respect to sections.

I want to combine these two different sheets to give individual grades of students near their ID's. I intend to write a script instead of doing it manually. Thus, I'm looking for a good library to use with Ruby or Python. Is there any such library that might work for my purpose?

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What exactly is wrong with this question? I am willing to rewrite it, but for me it ask its question very clearly, so I need to know what would nned to be corrected. – gorn Nov 19 '14 at 0:21

This looks like it's been answered here Python - Reading a spreadsheet

I think saving as .csv and using python's built in .csv support is the best option:

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Python libraries:
* for ODS files you can try:
* for Excel files:

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