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I run RavenDB as a windows service. How is it serving web pages? I don't see any HTML or ASPX files in the RavenDB folder structure.

Furthermore, when I start the service and run this command:

netstat -an | find "8080"

I get this result:

TCP [::]:8080 [::]:0 LISTENING

If the windows service is listening on TCP 8080, then why can I access the Raven Studio from a browser via HTTP?


I know I'm missing something fundamental, but I'm not sure how this comes together, and I'd like to know because I think it would help me with how to figure out how to secure the DB and Raven Studio. Can someone explain this?

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HTTP is a layer on top of TCP. All web servers will show as TCP using a tool like netstat.

You don't need to have html or aspx files to speak http. Internally, raven uses System.Net.HttpListener if you are running as a service or in console mode. (It can also run inside of IIS, or be embedded directly in your application).

Regarding security, RavenDB has many options:

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. I'm having an issue with Windows Authentication. If you feel like helping: stackoverflow.com/q/13588064/279516 – Bob Horn Nov 27 '12 at 21:15

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