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I was writing simple refactoring and noticed a strange thing. The comment line before the node I am rewriting disappears after refactoring. Also comments after the node in question are transferred inside the node and break the indentation in the new place. This is very strange and I want to ask if it is a bug in jdt or I did something wrong and oblivious.

For example my code suppose to refactor if-else statements in a way that the shortest branch would appear first. when I try to refactor this:

    // pre
    if(a==6) { 
        a = 5;
        return false;
    } else { 

I get this:

    if (!(a==6)) { 
else { 
        a = 5;
        return false;

The relevant snippet where the refactoring is done:

protected ASTRewrite createRewrite(CompilationUnit cu, SubProgressMonitor pm) {
    pm.beginTask("Creating rewrite operation...", 1);

    final AST ast = cu.getAST();
    final ASTRewrite rewrite = ASTRewrite.create(ast);

    cu.accept(new ASTVisitor() {
        public boolean visit(IfStatement node) {
            if (node.getStartPosition() > selection.getOffset() + selection.getLength() || node.getStartPosition() < selection.getOffset())
                return true;

            if (node.getElseStatement() == null)
                return true;

            int thenCount = countNodes(node.getThenStatement());
            int elseCount = countNodes(node.getElseStatement());

            if(thenCount <= elseCount)
                return true;

            IfStatement newnode = ast.newIfStatement(); 
            PrefixExpression neg = negateExpression(ast, rewrite, node.getExpression());    

            newnode.setThenStatement((org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.Statement) rewrite.createMoveTarget(node.getElseStatement()));
            newnode.setElseStatement((org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.Statement) rewrite.createMoveTarget(node.getThenStatement()));   

            rewrite.replace(node, newnode, null);                       
            return true;
    return rewrite;
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The // pre comment goes away because the parser considers it to be part of the next statement (represented by node), which you replace with newNode. When node goes away, so does the attached comment.

still thinking about why the // post ends up where it does... Try replacing the newNode before setting its then and else statements

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I thought that comment lines are not part of the AST , I also was not able to see them in the AST viewer. Anyway, how can I copy the comment into newnode? I can't find any member method of Node that looks like it can get/set a comment. – Artium Nov 28 '12 at 10:07
The latest AST sees three types of comments, one of which is Javadoc. The BodyDeclaration (superclass of MethodDeclaration and others) class has a getJavadoc() method that returns a Javadoc instance. Other kinds of comments (including LineComment - which you have) have to be retrieved from the CompilationUnit using getCommentList() – Chris Gerken Nov 28 '12 at 13:22

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