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multi-dimensional array post from form

I would like to send some data from the client to the PHP server using jQuery $.post(). When it arrives at the server, I would like $_POST['myList'] to be equal to either of the following (what ever is easiest). What should I set the data object to within $.post()?

array (

array (
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you can use json format to send data from javascript to server, and on the server side decode it. –  Alexandru Chelariu Nov 27 '12 at 21:08
There are no multidimensional arrays like this in javascript, you would need to send something else and convert it to whatever you like on the serverside. –  adeneo Nov 27 '12 at 21:09

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EDIT: first one looked like a simple array of objects, but seems jQuery needs this to be a keyed object:

var send_this = {
  0: { id: 123, d1: 'aaa', d2: 'xxx' },
  1: { id: 234, d1: 'bbb', d2: 'yyy' },
  2: { id: 345, d1: 'ccc', d2: 'zzz' }

Second looks just has different looking keys for object containing objects:

var send_this = {
  '123': { d1: 'aaa', d2: 'xxx' },
  '234': { d1: 'bbb', d2: 'yyy' },
  '345': { d1: 'ccc', d2: 'zzz' }

Tested implementation in jQuery 1.7.1:

$.post( '/herp.php', send_this, function(d) {
    console.info( d );

The PHP program receives data exactly as you want it in $_POST.

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Before posting the question, I tried something like this, but it is just passed as text and PHP can't reconstruct it. –  user1032531 Nov 27 '12 at 21:25
My bad. Your solution works great! –  user1032531 Nov 27 '12 at 22:38

Option 1

var data = [
  { id: 123, d1: 'aaa', d2: 'xxx' },
  { id: 234, d1: 'bbb', d2: 'yyy' },
  { id: 345, d1: 'ccc', d2: 'zzz' }

Option 2

var data = {
  '123': { d1: 'aaa', d2: 'xxx' },
  '234': { d1: 'bbb', d2: 'yyy' },
  '345': { d1: 'ccc', d2: 'zzz' }


$.post(url, {mylist: data});
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Same great solution as pp19dd. Don't know which one was first. –  user1032531 Nov 27 '12 at 22:38

You should use a JSON strong to send the data: Here is an example:

var pushData = {
        id: "blalal",
        id: "blalal",
        id: "blalal",

and then you can just post it or whatever

    url : "http://blalallalalal="+JSON.stringify(pushData),
    type : "POST",
    dataType: "text",
    success: function (data) {

    error: function() {
        // alert("fsdf");

then from php side just use

$data = get_object_vars(json_decode($dataJSON));


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If your using jQuerys $.post or $.get, you do not need to encode/decode, just pass a JS object as the data argument...

var data = {
  "myList" : {
    0 : {"id":1,...etc},
    1 : {"id":2,...etc},
    2 : {"id":3,...etc},

// post or get
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This looks very similar to pp19dd's and Musa's answer. I had previously tried something like this, but it didn't work. Probably operator error. Let me retest. –  user1032531 Nov 27 '12 at 21:28

You could send them as three arrays, one for each attribute.


In PHP, you will recieve them as $_POST['myList_id'], $_POST['myList_d1'] and $_POST['myList_d2'], which you could combine into your desired array.

Or if you include indices, you could go a step further:


which will give you the array directly: $_POST['myList']

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