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I have a JSP page which accepts SQL queries, performs them then returns the results in a table. A few of the results occasionally have HTML tags in them i.e. - a result will return:

This is the returned result! I have <br> and <hr> tags!

When this gets put through the code to handle the return and place it into a table it will actually "render" the <br> and <hr> tags as HTML, but I want it to simply show the actual <br> and <hr> tags.

Currently the return is printed using <%=colvalue %>

How can I do this?

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Check out this page for a simple method which will escape a string you pass into it:

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If you're using JSTL, the <c:out> tag escapes what you pass to it by default.


<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
<c:out value="${value}"/>

You can also use the escapeXml el function from the functions taglib

 <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="fn"  %>
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I have &lt;br&gt; and &lt;hr&gt; tags!

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You can use the JSTL tag. It has an escapeXML parameter that will do what you want to do.

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In PHP you would use htmlentities and htmlspecialchars

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