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I need to tell Ajax.Request (from Prototype.js) to set xhr.transport.withCredentials to true (to enable cookies in my cross site requests headers). I failed by trying:

Ajax.Request('http://otherSubdomain.host:port/', {
    onCreate: function(request){
        request.transport.withCredentials = true;

Access-Control-Allow-Origin is set and the request is successful, but no cookies were sent.

I hate to point out, but it seems to be much easier with jquery here is an example solution.

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Try to patch Ajax.Request like this:

Ajax.Request.prototype.request = Ajax.Request.prototype.request.wrap(function(request, url) {
  if (this.options.withCredentials) {
    this.transport.withCredentials = true;

And then you'll have additional option withCredentials:

new Ajax.Request('example.com', {
    withCredentials: true
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Unfortunately this error occurs: SyntaxError: super is a reserved identifier. –  Octavian Jun 3 '14 at 10:57
OK, replace super with something else (I've edited my answer) –  Victor Jun 3 '14 at 11:37

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