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I'm not the greatest SQL guy in the world and this problem has been driving me crazy for about a week now.

I have 3 tables. The first is an attributes table with the following data:

attr_id   group    price  prefix   id
     4      2       20.00   +      5000
     1      2       30.00   +      5000

attr_id   id    value_id   price   prefix
     1    5000        2     10.00    -
     4    5000        3     10.00    +
    13    5000        9     50.00    +

     id   name
     2    widget1
     3    widget2
     9    widget3

So basically, I need all the all the items from the attr_table that match the ID of 5000. HOWEVER, if those items exist in the attr_group_table with group=2 then use the price and prefix from the attr_group_table. Then just suck the names about of the name table. The only data I need returned is the attr_id, name, price, and prefix.

I've been messing around with joins, unions, if's and just can't get the data I want. Any help/suggestions would be great.

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Use function COALESCE:

  attr_table.attr_id, attr_table.id, attr_table.value_id, 
  COALESCE(attr_group_table.prefix, attr_table.prefix) prefix, 
  COALESCE(attr_group_table.price, attr_table.price) price,
FROM attr_table 
  LEFT JOIN attr_group_table ON attr_table.attr_id=attr_group_table.attr_id
  LEFT JOIN name_table ON attr_table.value_id=name_table.id

It will return the first non-null value of its arguments.

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That worked great once I realized I had neglected to mention another condition that needed to be filled. I had to add a subquery and it then worked great. –  turbo_chad Nov 29 '12 at 20:15
Select attr_table.attr_id,name,attr_group_table.price, attr_group_table.prefix
From attr_table join attr_group_table
On attr_table.attr_id = attr_group_table.attr_id
join name_table on name._table.id = attr_table.attr_id
Where attr_table.attr_id = 5000 and group = 2
Select attr_table.attr_id,name,attr_table.price, attr_table.prefix
From attr_table join attr_group_table
On attr_table.attr_id = attr_group_table.attr_id
join name_table on name_table.id = attr_table.attr_id
Where attr_table.attr_id = 5000 and group <> 2
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  case when attr_group_table.group=2
       then attr_group_table.price
       else attr_table.price end as price,
  case when attr_group_table.group=2
       then attr_group_table.prefix
       else attr_table.prefix end as prefix
  attr_table left join attr_group_table
  on attr.table.attr_id = attr_group_table.attr_id
  left join name_table on attr_table.attr_id = name_table.id
  attr_table.id = 5000
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