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I just started learning how to use mahout. I'm not a java programmer however, so I'm trying to stay away from having to use the java library.

I noticed there is a shell tool regexconverter. However, the documentation is sparse and non instructive. Exactly what does specifying a regex option do, and what does the transformer class and formatter class do? The mahout wiki is marvelously opaque. I'm assuming the regex option specifies what counts as a "unit" or so.

The example they list is of using the regexconverter to convert http log requests to sequence files I believe. I have a csv file with slightly altered http log requests that I'm hoping to convert to sequence files. Do I simply change the regex expression to take each entire row? I'm trying to run a Bayes classifier, similar to the 20 newsgroups example which seems to be done completely in the shell without need for java coding.

Incidentally, the arff.vector command seems to allow me to convert an arff file directly to vectors. I'm unfamiliar with arff, thought it seems to be something I can easily convert csv log files into. Should I use this method instead, and skip the sequence file step completely?

Thanks for the help.

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