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I have some T4 templates in my project. Whenever I make changes and save the tt file, it auto update the generated files. This is a template that loops all tables in a database and generates about 100+ files. So visual studio hangs for a few seconds every time I save my template and this is annoying. Is there a way to disable to "auto-refresh" function and I can manually run the template through the context menu.


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Yeah I'm surprised that "feature" is in visual studio. Hell, I'm surprised it's still in visual studio 2013. It makes developing t4 templates inside of visual studio pretty much impossible. –  kelton52 Feb 13 '14 at 23:42

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You could delete TextTemplatingFileGenerator under "Custom Tool" in the file's Properties while you are editing it, and then put it back when you are finished.

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Thanks for sharing. This work around for sure will work. Wondering if there is better option. –  Calvin Nov 28 '12 at 16:26

I had a similiar issue. I found a quick work around by creating a ttinclude file (actually this was already a standard include file containing utility functions for my templates) and including it in all of my T4 templates. Then I simply created a compiler error in the include file. Thus when the generator attempted to run it would simply fail on the compile. Then when I'm ready to actually generate, I get rid of the offending code and then generate.

e.g. To cause a failure:




To disable the failure:




You can also use this trick in the T4 template itself if you just want to disable the one you're working on.

Hopefully future VS versions will allow you to simply disable the auto-transform.

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