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I've made an array that is dynamically allocated by a cycle. And then a cycle that reads the numbers out of the array but i need to know the size of the array. The array is correct and fully working and has correct values in it. I defined the array like this:

int *array;

Now when i want to use this it wont work because im using a pointer:

int size = sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]);

How can i fix it so it works with my pointer?

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I assume you are allocating the array using one of new or malloc/calloc. In that case, you can't do this. You need to track the size in another variable or use a structure that will track the size for you.

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Yes i used malloc, I was thinking about placing a variable like 0 and then run a cycle until it finds the 0. Although it will work, i was aiming for leaving the array free of these identifiers. But thanks :) – František Kvintus Nov 27 '12 at 23:22

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