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I would like to scan a matrix all rows. Take all first columns or x columns and put them into another new matrix. How can i do that ?

example matrix below


For example lets scan rows and make new matrix with only first column

result : 0.645569620253164, 0.620253164556962, 0.594936708860759

thank you


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First of all, what you have is a cell, which makes it much more difficult. If you can, enter the data like this:

  0.645569620253164 0.443037974683544 0.177215189873418 0.0253164556962025
  0.620253164556962 0.379746835443038 0.177215189873418 0.0253164556962025
  0.594936708860759 0.405063291139241 0.164556962025316 0.0253164556962025];

Once you have that, it's quite easy.


Or the first row by:

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thanks i suppose i can convert to that way –  MonsterMMORPG Nov 27 '12 at 23:49
If you can’t, you can do [input_matrix_training{:, 1}] to get a numeric array containing only the first column of the cell array. –  illya Nov 27 '12 at 23:52
thanks a lot for answer –  MonsterMMORPG Nov 27 '12 at 23:55

Use the colon operator. In the example below, (:,1) means all rows, column 1.

Take first column:

first_column = input_matrix_training(:,1);

Take columns 2 to 4:

two_to_four = input_matrix_training(:,2:4);

Take first x columns:

x = 3;
first_x = input_matrix_training(:,1:x);
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